Exhibition Hosted at Pierides Foundation - Athens


Moustakas Sculpture, Retrospective exhibition in Pierides Foundation



Constructivist sculpture in the large hall 



1. Opening day - On the left, the memorable sculptor M. Kalamaras (with the white trench coat).

2. The director of the Museum, D. Pierides and the artist V. Moustakas welcome the visitors.



1. The artist V. Moustakas talks with the Ambassador of Sweden.

2. V. Moustakas with the couple Marina and Vasilis Theocharakis.



1. V. Moustakas talks with P. Zia, History of Art - Byzantinologist.

2. A snapshot of V. Moustakas and sculptress Alex Mylona.



1. William H. Poteet, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Comparative Studies at Duke University (Ν.Caroline) and his wife Patricia Lewis Poteat, President of Athens College. Exceptional friends of the artist - among the helices of the "Symphony of Ethers".

2. With the journalist Mr K. Cerezi getting ready for an interview on New Hellenic Television (NET). Small-scale sculptures were displayed in "Argo" Gallery, run by Ms Franselina Cerezi.



1. With his friend Pr. Emfietzoglou, businessman, while visiting the exhibition.

2-3. From the left: Moustakas, the painter Petros and the poet Z. Savina posing next to the "Columns of Knowledge". The painting "cylinder" of Petros put in a prominent place.



Schools regularly visit the exhibition and students chatted about sculpture. The AKTO, the Architecture School of Athens, the School of Fine Arts of Athens and high schools from all over Attica.