"Minotaur" (1990), Copper 1.13 x 0.78 x 0.66 - worked with lost-wax casting



"I make large curves on the sculptures, so that there is a play of light and shadow. I want the viewer to complete it by taking part in it, and the empty space to operate as a sculptural mass. I never work on a single work, one composition. I am evovling many sculptures in parallel. In this way I have time to re-examine them, and repose when moving from one work to the other. Eventually they are all completed at the same time..."


"Minotaur" view from the side



The work "Minotaur" is a very beautiful copper composition, worked with lost-wax casting. A dangerous process as it is carried out through sheets of wax (the artist prepares them by melting the wax and turning it into thin sheets; when the sheets begin to cool, they are ready for use). Then he has to warm up the sheets again (with blowtorch) but slowly, so that they soften and mold to the shape he wants, having made a wire frame on which he supports the composition. If an error is made during casting, the work melts and is lost...

Zoe Savina



Detail of a young woman


Detail of the "Minotaur"